Driver identification with Quartix Vehicle Tracking

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Keeping Track of Drivers & Vehicles

Each driver is issued with a magnetic ID tag. A tag reader is fitted in the vehicle at the time of installation (note: this requires the drilling of a 12mm hole in the dashboard). The driver leaves his tag on the reader for the duration of each journey, and the system reports the following:

  • Driver timesheet with vehicle list
  • Vehicle usage report (showing drivers)
  • Driver Timesheets are delivered automatically by email

Each report can be sent to one or more people – with different distribution lists for each driver if required. The report shows a complete weekly timesheet for each driver, including all vehicles. Detailed daily reports are included, showing the vehicles driven.

The weekly driver timesheet is delivered in Excel format, and includes 9 worksheets:

  • The Driver Record
  • A Summary Timesheet
  • And 7 daily worksheets

The driver record provides a complete list of driving hours and vehicles driven. Each daily sheet provides full details of activity and vehicles used. The trip breakdown shows the list of vehicles used in the day. Time spent on each site is reported in a table.

The summary sheet shows the total travel and shift times for the week.

All these reports are accessed through the “Extended Reporting” section of the site. Reports can be configured to show activity for a specific driver or a particular vehicle.

Our demo video shows how to access the reports and configure them.

  • Select “Extended Reporting” to access the vehicle and driver logs
  • Click on “Driver / Vehicle Report”
  • Reports can be configured by either driver or vehicle
  • Choose a vehicle from the drop-down list
  • The vehicle report provides a complete breakdown of drivers who have driven this vehicle during the day.
  • Or select a report for a particular driver instead, choosing from the drop-down menu
  • The driver report then shows each vehicle driven during the day

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Tracking System Benefits

Tracking Benefits Vastly reduced costs

Tracking Benefits Real time staff activity

Tracking Benefits Route planning & trip review

Tracking Benefits Fuel monitoring

Tracking Benefits Time sheets & activity reporting

Tracking Benefits Security & theft recovery

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