Geofencing with the Quartix Vehicle Tracking System

Geofencing allows you to restrict vehicles to a geographical location and/or time of day. The video below shows you how to setup geofencing zones in the Quartix tracking system.

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System Configuration – Setting up Geo-fencing Zones

There are three types of geo-fenced zone:

  • Named locations
  • Geographical zones – these may be of any shape or size
  • Standard zones – e.g. London Congestion, Low Emission zone or channel ports

Each of your vehicles can have a different range of zones and times set.

There are two modes of operation:

  1. Prohibited mode: in this mode, the system will raise a real-time alert if a vehicle enters a prohibited area, within a time period set for that vehicle only.
  2. Mandatory mode: in this mode the system will raise a real-time alert if a vehicles leaves a mandatory area, within a set time period set for that vehicle only.

Alerts can be sent by text message or email, as shown by the examples in our demo video.

Zones may be of any shape or size, such as a building site, a local authority area or even a county or country.

Contact Track King on 08081 261516 for help in setting up geo-fencing zones and alarms for your needs.

Tracking System Benefits

Tracking Benefits Vastly reduced costs

Tracking Benefits Real time staff activity

Tracking Benefits Route planning & trip review

Tracking Benefits Fuel monitoring

Tracking Benefits Time sheets & activity reporting

Tracking Benefits Security & theft recovery

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