How Tracking Works

How Vehicle Tracking Systems Work

Vehicle tracking systems work using GPS - a satellite-based radio navigation system originally developed by the US Department of Defence. When a tracking device is fitted to your vehicle, wherever it is in the world, a GPS reciever can determine its position thanks to orbiting GPS satellites. 

Vehicle Reporting

But location isn't the only data relayed back to you. Crucially for a business running on tight schedules, a tracking system gives you real-time updates on a vehicle's direction, speed, idle time and more. And if you're running a whole fleet, a business tracking system organises all this data in a way that enables you to analyse each vehicle's movements quickly and easily, make on-the-spot decisions and longer-term plans to improve efficiency.

Driver reporting

Tracking devices also deliver driver data which monitors speed, acceleration and braking patterns to see where fuel efficiency can be improved or the risk of accidents reduced. Our tracking systems even use Driver ID tags, allowing you to identify individual driver behaviour on each vehicle.

Accessing tracking data

Tracking data is stored securely and is easily accessed via any PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone - in fact, any device with a connection to the internet.

The data captured via GPS tracking systems can be used in many ways to improve your business. Our informative tutorials demonstrate the variety of reports available.

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Tracking System Benefits

Tracking Benefits Vastly reduced costs

Tracking Benefits Real time staff activity

Tracking Benefits Route planning & trip review

Tracking Benefits Fuel monitoring

Tracking Benefits Time sheets & activity reporting

Tracking Benefits Security & theft recovery

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