Monitoring Driving Style

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Monitoring drivers’ speed, acceleration and braking

Our vehicle tracking system provides three types of driving style reports:

  • The Daily Driver Briefing
  • Weekly Driving Style Report
  • Monthly Speeding Report

Our demo video shows examples of all three.

The Daily Driver Style Briefing is accessed through the “Extended Reporting” section. 

  • The top chart shows the speed profile for the day
  • The bottom chart shows the acceleration (green) and braking (red) profiles for the day
  • Acceleration and braking are broken down into four levels. Each level provides a measure of how the speed has changed since the previous second. Each level is then given a weighting factor, depending on its harshness
  • The incidence of braking and acceleration level is counted throughout the day, and multiplied by the “weighting” to give the overall score.
  • An overall score is provided for the day’s driving style.
  • Harsh braking and acceleration incidents show the number of times the driver has accelerated or braked at level 2 or above, as shown in the tables.
  • The speed, acceleration and braking charts break down the day into 6-minutes segments, and plot total scores for each segment
  • The daily driver report also reflects improvements in driving style
  • By reducing speeding, harsh acceleration and the need for unplanned braking, significant improvements can be made in fuel economy. 

The Weekly Driving Style Report is accessed through the “Extended Reporting” section. Once the required report is selected, it is sent automatically to the specified email address in Excel format.

  • Speed, acceleration and braking profiles are presented for each vehicle in the group, for the whole week.
  • A summary report is shown of driving styles across the fleet for the week under consideration.

The Monthly Speed Report is accessed through the “Extended Reporting” menu.

  • Select a group of vehicles and enter a minimum speed limit and month
  • The system reports all speeds over the limit for the month chosen.
  • The report allows you to view the location of any speeding, or to expand the whole day for review.
  • Expanding the day provides a full log of all speeding events for that day.
  • Driving style and speeding reports provide a simple, cost-effective way of improving fuel efficiency and reducing accident risk in your company.

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