Business Vehicle Tracking Solutions

Business vehicle tracking is a way to manage a fleet in real-time and report on its historical activity. Using the information that tracking provides, you can answer business critical questions and help to reduce costs by:

  • Monitoring personnel for inefficient driving, minimising the amount spent on fuel and maintenance.
  • Increasing productivity by optimising journey routes.
  • Potentially reducing insurance costs. Some companies offer a discount for tracked vehicles.

Our vehicle tracking solution can help to make sure you get the best fleet efficiency whilst significantly reducing costs, whether it's driver behaviour, vehicle utilisation, overtime and mileage recording, job allocation or vehicle maintenance. We offer a web-based solution that allows you to use these features from a computer, smartphone or tablet.

Our vehicle tracking system can help with the following:

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Tracking System Benefits

Tracking Benefits Vastly reduced costs

Tracking Benefits Real time staff activity

Tracking Benefits Route planning & trip review

Tracking Benefits Fuel monitoring

Tracking Benefits Time sheets & activity reporting

Tracking Benefits Security & theft recovery

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